360 Degree Shade Solutions manufactures and installs many types of shadeports:

  • Pyramid shadeports
  • Dome shadeports
  • Elevated shadeports
  • Full canti-lever shadeports
  • 95% shade cloth
  • Dri-Z waterproof shade cloth.



Our suppliers of shade netting, Alnet and Knittex, are endorsed by the Cancer Association. 

The recommended UV Ultrablock fabrics, made from high density Ultra Violet Polyethylene fabric, blocks out up 96% of ultra violet rays. They provide maximum protection against skin cancer and sun and hail damage to vehicles. 

All 360 Degree Shade Solution's nets are triple stitched using a UV Treated monofilament thread which has proved to be more superior to any other thread previously used.  

 Our structures have been designed by engineers to cater for most climatic conditions.



Colours from left to right:  

Chocolate Brown, Charcoal, Rust Gold, Desert Sand, Plain Silver, Rain Forest Green and Royal Blue.

Other colours are available.